Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

Our Authipay Virtual Terminal provides an easy way for merchants to process transactions via the Internet by turning any PC into a POS terminal. At the same time it provides one central, secure location where you can manage everything related to transaction processing:

  • Run secure transactions yourself
  • Set up your web site to run transactions for you
  • Prevent fraud
  • Review transaction reports

Process Transactions the Way You Wantfrom Anywhere

Our Virtual Terminal offers functions in a similar way to terminals commonly used in retail stores. You simply enter the data needed for the transaction and go. It can even take care of recurring transactions (if you sell subscription services, for example).

The terminal is completely customisable, allowing you to show only what you need to run your business efficiently. Other than a small number of fields that are necessary for a particular transaction type (e.g. credit card number, for a credit card transaction), you will be able to select exactly what you want to appear on the page.

And because it runs via the Internet, you can log on from anywhere with Internet access, giving you instant access to process orders from wherever you are.