Authipay Helps Take Your
Business Online

First things first: If you want to sell online, you’re going to need a website!

Get set up

Look into hiring a web developer, preferably one who has experience in building web sites for businesses similar to your own. It doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact the easier your site is for customers to navigate, the more likely you are to make sales.

Stick to the point

Whether your business sells just one product, or a huge range, be sure your site includes relevant and engaging information. This will reassure customers you provide a trustworthy service. Plus, it’ll make it easier for people to find your website.

Paint a picture

Clear product images are also important. Don’t leave would-be customers in any doubt about what they can expect to receive when they make a purchase.

Ready for business

Once your site has been set up with a shopping cart function, you’ll need to integrate a payment gateway to facilitate sales. Authipay will work with your developers so customers can make secure purchases. Authipay also provide the merchant account necessary to receive these payments: taking the hassle out of selling online.

Promote your site

A good way to attract more attention is by creating a blog. Writing content on a regular basis will direct people to your website who may not have found your business otherwise.

Where are you?

Another useful tip, is to add details of your business and website to Google Maps. That way when people search by location, your site will appear higher among results.

Get more clicks

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising is one of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your site. When users input keywords relating to your business, an ad linking to your site will appear.

Put yourself first

Everyone wants that top spot from web searches. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists can help your website appear higher in web searches related to your business.

Get friendly with your customers

When you add new content to your website, share it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Followers, and people who like your page, will be kept up to date with.

Stay in touch

Once you start to make new customers, do your best to keep them. Create an opt-in or subscription function on your site. That way you can send out details of new products and latest offers. This can turn first-time customers, into repeat customers.

Deliver the goods

Don’t make a promise you can’t keep. Have a reliable and trustworthy distribution service in place. If your site offers next day delivery, ensure your chosen provider can consistently back this up.

Don’t let it effect you

It doesn’t matter how many complaints you get, the most important thing is how you respond. If a customer has a reason to return your product, make it easy for them. Digital word-of-mouth is a powerful tool; if customers have pain-free transactions, then that will reflect positively in reviews and testimonials.

Keep it above board

Get familiar with all the legal requirements before selling online. Offer comprehensive company details to would-be customers, and ensure you.

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