You can use Authipay Reports to view your gateway or virtual terminal transactions from several different perspectives and to perform some administrative tasks. The reports available are listed below.

Reports Description

Transaction Charts

Shows transactions in bar, pie, or line charts.


Shows all successful orders by specific time period, by credit card number and time, by order number, or by user ID and time. You also have the option to show only unshipped orders.


Shows all transactions by time period, by credit card number and time, order number, User ID and time or by transaction type and time.

Transactions Summary

Shows a summary of approved and declined AUTH and SALE transactions and a summary of approved AUTH and SALE transactions by card type.

Credit Card Batches Report

Lets you view credit card batches processed during a specified time period.

Active Periodic Bills

Shows information about recurring transactions and allows you to modify them.

Credit Card Numbers

As a security feature, only the first four and last four digits of credit card numbers are displayed in the reports. These Credit Card Identification (CCID) numbers are often active links that can be selected to display information about all transactions involving the selected card number.